Palin: America’s Future

The next Vice President and future President of America: Governor Sarah Palin

A great chance to vote for a real Feminine women!

The lefty feminists who talks, acts and dresses like men doesn’t represent us – the real women – who don’t hate men, marriage or family. We love men, marriage and family. We respect men and we know how to treat them like men and in return they know how to treat us like women. We don’t want men (lefty radical feminists) to tells how to treat real men. We like real men like Mr. McCain. Go Governor: Sarah Palin! – the real feminist – the next Vice President and future President of America!

4 responses to “Palin: America’s Future

  1. sarah

    Hi. I think you need to look into the definition of feminism. Because what you are assuming in your statements of ‘feminism’ is actually patriarchial propaganda. You are believing an reiterating all the negative and untrue statements about feminists, that actually give the word a ‘bad name.’ Look into it ladies… because you have it all backwards. Feminism is more along the lines of encompassing love, respect and all ground of equality for everyone, regardless of gender. Best of luck to you in finding the truth about the feminist movements. Cheers.

  2. fem4sarah

    Hi Sarah, I disagree with your notion of feminism – “encompassing love, respect and all ground of equality for everyone, regardless of gender”. Feminism has nothing to do with the welfare of women and absolutely nothing to do with men or family. It is all about power at any cost, whinging and victimhood. Many women have started to realise this. Read the comment below from a woman who has realised this….

    NOW’s endorsement of Obama based on McCain’s choice of Palin as his VP validates my choice to distance myself from women’s organizations, particularly NOW and the University Women’s association. Years and years ago, when I was recruited to join, and attended their meetings, I realized they were not about the rights of all women – they were only about the rights of women who were willing to act out the role of victim, who were more interested in blaming men for their situation in life than they were in blazing their own paths.

    NOW and liberal academic women hate Sarah Palin because she has met with success without portraying herself as a victim, without hating men, in general, but, rather, by confronting, challenging and taking down corrupt individuals who happened to be men.

    The fact that Sarah is unabashedly attractive is just another burr under the saddle of the average member of NOW,

    I am so happy to see the die hard members of NOW exposed for the selfish, shortsighted and small people they are. If I could exact vengeance for the negative influence NOW has had on my life, it would be the election of Sarah Palin to be the first female VP of the United States.

    16 September 2008 at 9:32 p.m.

    Godot (Anonymous) says…

  3. james

    Palin “Feminism” that suits McCAin’s Machismo. That’s what McCAin-Palin campaign is. McCain chose Palin as VP not based on her qualifications, not because he intends to rally issues of women and promote them, he is just using her and a lot of misinformed women out there the way men have used and abused women throughout history – as a tool, as an ornament, and this time, as an accessory in order to win this election at all cost. Wake up women!

  4. Dan Reid

    Check your sentence and grammar before sending
    this out to people who are not stupid.

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