According to Rasmussen Reports, “she (Sarah Palin) earns positive reviews from 65% of men and 52% of women.”

If over half of American women approve of her then how can feminists continue with the ruse that their incoherent discourse reflects the interests of 51 percent of the population? They do so because it is their nature. If they dropped the pretense of feminism and “women” being one, they would find themselves devoid of funding and legislative support. Most citizens are too busy making money and improving their lives to notice the fallacies endemic to Big Feminism. For those fortunate enough to be ignorant of their ways, that parasitical movement and its “there ought to be a law” mentality have markedly decreased our constitutional freedoms over the past four decades.

That is why to Kim Gandy Governor Palin can never be the “right woman,” as she is a woman of the right. NOW’s stance, just like those of their socialist conspecifics, exposes the lie that is radical feminism, as feminism is not about women — it’s about leftism. Feminists accrued influence by pretending to be “women’s groups,” but their positions never were indicative of the preferences of your average woman. Their advocates are leftists first, and women somewhere down the road.

The lefty feminists who talks, acts and dresses like men doesn’t represent us – the real women – who don’t hate men, marriage or family. We love men, marriage and family. We respect men and we know how to treat them like men and in return they know how to treat us like women. We don’t want men (lefty radical feminists) to tells how to treat real men. We like real men like Mr. McCain – the president in waiting.

Go Governor: Sarah Palin! – the real feminist – the next Vice President and future President of America!

Read Sarah Palin and the Sham of Feminism


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  1. Is this a joke blog? Are you serious…? Lol. You call yourself a feminist who supports someone who voted against women getting equal pay in the workforce? You ought to go back in time to the Salem witch burnings so that you may feel adequate enough for the “men” of the time.

  2. james

    Palin “Feminism” that suits McCAin’s Machismo. That’s what McCAin-Palin campaign is. McCain chose Palin as VP not based on her qualifications, not because he intends to rally issues of women and promote them, he is just using her and a lot of misinformed women out there the way men have used and abused women throughout history – as a tool, as an ornament, and this time, as an accessory in order to win this election at all cost. Wake up women!

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