I finally realized why Democrats hate Palin so much

Reasons why the liberals are full of hate.

I finally realized why Democrats hate Palin so much.

Yesterday I got one of those venomous chain e-mails from my moonbat sister-in-law, full of the long-debunked accusations of book banning, teaching evolution, etc.

My moonbat sister in law and my moonbat brother know full well that I’m going to vote for McCain, but they can’t give up. They have to convince me that electing McCain and Palin will destroy the country.

My sister-in-law weighs almost 300 pounds, and she and my brother fight all the time. She’s been fired from every job she’s ever had, and he works for the gas company, where he steals propane and takes three-hour lunches. He can’t be fired for any reason, including criminal activity. He’s a dedicated union man, don’t you know.

They look at the Palins–that good-looking, happy, mutually respectful, successful, independent, individualist, easy-going couple who are obviously deeply in love with each other–and they boil over with rage.

The Palins make most Democrats realize what horrible lives they’re leading, and that’s unforgivable.

I look forward to the McCain-Palin victory. Many unpleasant heads will explode, and that will be very satisfying.

Tom W. of Amrikia
Tue 23 Sep 08 (06:02pm)


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4 responses to “I finally realized why Democrats hate Palin so much

  1. drchill

    I had no Idea the Palins were – “that good-looking, happy, mutually respectful, successful, independent, individualist..”

    The Problem I have with Palin is her lies, and positions that are decidedly not feminist.

    Women no have the right to take a pregnancy to term or not. Palin would remove that choice.
    She never met an earmark she didn’t like. Now she’s saying she opposed the bridge to nowhere- with a straight face.

    Others for you to ponder.


    Personally I don’t hate Palin, I hate dishonesty.

  2. virgomonkey

    We all know that Palin isn’t the first successful and pretty woman in the history of the world, right? If you can show me that liberals have a trend in hating successful pretty women, then you’ve got an argument!

    You also need to keep in mind that the the majority of liberals are Jews. 78% of the Jews voted in Obama. They are the best looking, richest, and most successful law abiding citizens in the US, so you’re argument that only the fat and lazy vote Democrat holds no water.

    Actually, speaking of FAT, it is the RED states that contain the fattest people!

    At the end of the day, what I think is happening here is that radical conservatives like you are confusing dissent with jealousy. Oddly, that never happened during Bush’s term.

  3. virgomonkey

    I meant “your argument” – not “you’re”. Sorry for the typo.

  4. Jennifer


    What I love about Sarah Palin is that while she does advocate for choices she has STANDARDS!

    So called feminist liberals say they couldn’t support Sarah Palin because she does not stand for what a woman would and that she doesn’t stand up for women. So, Sarah Palin is wrong because the choices she makes are not the same as yours?!?!

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