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CBC News apologizes for web column attacking Palin

Finally the readers are quite successful in instilling some sense into the biased anti-American leftist media…..

Jonathan Kay: an astonishing mea culpa from the CBC

Vince Carlin, the CBC Ombudsman, has now issued his assessment of the Mallick column.

CBC News apologized Sunday for publishing a column about Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, conceding that it was “viciously personal.”

More than 300 people complained to the CBC ombudsman about a column that ran on Sept. 5 on by award-winning freelance writer Heather Mallick.

The article, “A mighty wind blows through Republican convention,” reportedly said Ms. Palin was chosen to appease the party’s “rural,” “unlettered” “white trash” base and said that the vice-presidential nominee looked like a “porn actress.”

CBC News publisher John Cruickshank said in a letter that the public broadcaster erred in judgment.

Vince Carlin, the CBC Ombudsman, did not fault Ms. Mallick for “the caustic nature of her tone or the polarizing nature of her opinion.”

“But he objects that many of her most savage assertions lack a basis in fact,” Mr. Cruickshank wrote.

“Mallick’s column is a classic piece of political invective. It is viciously personal, grossly hyperbolic and intensely partisan. And because it is all those things, this column should not have appeared on the site.”

The column was attacked by the National Post as well as Fox News.

Ms. Mallick wrote: “[17-year-old] Bristol has what is known in Britain as the look of the teen mum, the ‘pramface.’ Husband Todd looks like a roughneck; Track, heading off to Iraq, appears terrified. They claim to be family-obsessed while being studiously terrible at parenting. What normal father would want Levi ‘I’m a f–kin’ redneck’ Johnson prodding his daughter?”

As a result of the complaints, new editing procedures have been put in place “to insure that in the future, work that is not appropriate for our platforms, will not appear,” Mr. Cruickshank wrote.

In his assessment of the complaints, Mr. Carlin also noted that displays a “very narrow range” on its web pages and the broadcaster is addressing that by expanding the diversity of its writers and opinions, Mr. Cruickshank added.

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Why Palin irks liberal women

Bob Hoffman in Kansas City on why Dumbocrats go berserk at Sarah Palin

The relentless criticism of Sarah Palin has more to do with her gender and conservative views than her qualifications.

Democrats are upset because John McCain didn’t get the memo that only Democrats are allowed to nominate women. Liberals are upset because McCain didn’t get the memo that only women with liberal views are worthy of representing women.

Democrats and liberals want desperately to keep Republicans in the imaginary box Democrats portray them in. For Republicans to deviate from the stereotype Democrats have conjured up about them is an outrage and must be stomped out quickly.

Democrats believe they have the exclusive right to promote the progress of women in politics. Now the Republicans have stolen the ball, and the unthinkable is now a possibility: The first woman to ascend to the White House may do so in a Republican presidency.

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Those condescending Democrats

Finally someone with a bit of brain has figured out why our omniscient Democrats loose elections.

Losing the last two elections to George Bush and now running against his dismal eight-year record, a Democratic presidential victory would seem to have been theirs for the taking. However, one must not discount some undeniable truths.

Democrats are inept. They nominate candidates who do not appeal to the majority of American voters. Even Bill Clinton won each of his two elections with just a plurality. Now they offer Barack Obama, probably the least-qualified candidate ever.

Instead of introspection to determine what they are doing wrong, Democrats often react with unrestrained vitriol at their opponents. Even with support by most media outlets and that bastion of popular culture, Hollywood, they continue to fail.

Could it be that many Americans are turned off by the condescending, angry and self-righteous attitude of Democrats, and their minions, that they know what’s best for us?

Crosby P. Engel
Weatherby Lake


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If over half of American women approve of Sarah Palin then how can feminists continue with the ruse that their incoherent discourse reflects the interests of 51 percent of the population?

According to Rasmussen Reports, “she (Sarah Palin) earns positive reviews from 65% of men and 52% of women.”



If over half of American women approve of her then how can feminists continue with the ruse that their incoherent discourse reflects the interests of 51 percent of the population? They do so because it is their nature. If they dropped the pretense of feminism and “women” being one, they would find themselves devoid of funding and legislative support.


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Turns out, Palin had met with a foreign leader

When Gov. Sarah Palin told ABC’s Charles Gibson that — as governor of Alaska — she had never met with the leader of another nation, she apparently forgot about her meeting last year with Icelandic President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson.

By Hal Bernton

Seattle Times staff reporter

Sarah Palin’s trip to New York this week was billed as the Republican vice-presidential candidate’s first chance to meet with foreign heads of state. That perception was fueled by her comment this month, when she told ABC News’ Charles Gibson that — as Alaska governor — she never had met with the leader of another nation.

But Palin misspoke, perhaps forgetting about a meeting with Iceland President Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson last October in Anchorage. The meeting was confirmed Thursday by Bill McAllister, Palin’s Alaska press secretary.

Iceland, a nation of some 300,000, has taken a lead in developing geothermal-energy resources, and Grímsson spoke at an Arctic energy symposium, and then had a private meeting with Palin. They talked for the better part of an hour, primarily about geothermal energy and Iceland’s expertise in developing that resource, according to Mead Treadwell, an Alaska Republican and Arctic expert who attended the meeting.

“[Grímsson] is a head of state, I know that,” Treadwell said. “And we have pictures of them together taken at the meeting.”

Gibson, in his Palin interview broadcast Sept. 11, grilled the governor on her foreign-policy experience, asking if she’d ever met with a head of state who can negotiate for that country.

“I have not,” Palin said, “and I think if you go back in history and if you ask that question of many vice presidents, they may have the same answer that I just gave you.”

McAllister said he hadn’t spoken to Palin about the remark. But he guessed that the governor was “probably thinking in terms of major events, thinking about Putin, and they seemed to be talking about issues on a larger platform.”

Just this week, Grímsson was back in Anchorage to attend another international forum on Arctic issues.

This time, he met with Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell while Palin was in the Lower 48.

“She would have probably met with him again had not circumstances intervened,” McCallister said.

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Verdict from People’s Court

While the intolerant liberal/secular jihadists and that Hollywood parasites burn in their rage, millions of people including foreign leaders are fully impressed with Sarah Palin. Have a look at some of the comments that was posted on aol news……


02:06 AMSep 25 2008

The liberals will stop at nothing to prevent awesome fantastically Reaganesque Palin from gracing the office of VP. She is an extremely well qualified woman with reform credentials, articulate, strong, beautiful, and competent. Compared to the blue pants suit, Osama, and the plagiarist, she has more executive experience than all three combined AND SHE IS GORGEOUS. Palin represents the liberals worst nightmare and they will do anything to stop her. Unfortunately for them, she is strong in her faith and will wear their evil attacks as a badge of honor. What the Marxists are not counting on is how all this scrutiny will backfire because, at some point, the media, in its desire to APPEAR somewhat balanced, will turn its attention to Osamas closet of horrors. In their zeal to get THE VP CANDIDATE, they will open the door and actually force it to happen. As usual, evil will turn and consume itself like frenzied sharks and it will be delicious to watch and ensure McCain/Palin victory.


02:20 AMSep 25 2008

All the anti palin posters should give her the benefit of the doubt. After all she is a governor of the largest state in united states of america. Has received an 80% approval rating from the people of Alaska. Her abilities to deal with politcal issues have been proven, and her abilities to deal with tough political men in her state of alaska has been proven. I am sure she will be a confident statesman if she is our Vice President and will be tough and fair with any foreign power. Gov palins mentor will be Sen Mccain and other expericenced members of the republican and democratic party who will give her advice and guidence, she will use her intelligence, and communications skills to deal with any issue. Only time will tell if she is elected, that goes for both sides. Hope you all make your choices based on facts and truth, and not false polls and other media bias stories. Use your own common sense and vote for who you think will do the best for the country. good luck with your c…


01:49 AMSep 25 2008

Beauty, brains, charm and sincerity will do her well in all her diplomatic dealings, as she has proven in captivating our population. Her job as Governor requires people motivating skills that all of the other candidates lack. She has a trustworthy demeanor that Obama lacks. Obama comes across as a slick con artist without substance.

D troy der

01:42 AMSep 25 2008

i don’t blame the liberals for your socailist opinions. And I don’t doubt your hatred of Sarah Palin.Probably comes from you two mommy upbringing….I’d fear an All-American beauty who has a head on her shoulders too. What I’d do if I were you is run a socialist arab for president, who hates America and wants to completely destroy the country. Sounds like a real clear plan to me….good luck with that. By the way maybe a complete idiot for the arabs running mate or a pissed off woman to boot, yah that makes sense….


01:24 AMSep 25 2008

What’s the problem? Women can be gorgeous and men can be handsome. Now-a-days, it can be either…but I digress. There is nothing wrong with compliments. We just aren’t used to women being in such high national positions who are young and healthy-looking. I’m sure if Hillary heard that, she would be thrilled and so would her followers. Anyway, it isn’t our cultural “norm” to speak that way in professional meetings. But who are we to judge another’s cultural practices? (re: Pakistan’s President Calls Palin ‘Gorgeous’)


01:40 AMSep 25 2008

Prohuman1: in work in Academia and I know a dozen individuals who have multiple degrees from exclusive colleges and universities. What have they accomplished in life besides making their lives of that of their students miserable? Nothing. They a derelicks who have lost touch with reality, who believe they are above life (Obama) and prides themselves and enjoy torturing others. So, having degrees from elite uniiversities mean nothing, unless you have accomplishments and have contributed positively to society. This is something Obama knows nothing about. PS: I doubt Obama could fly a complex aircraft, especially a high performance combat plane. those of you who thing is easy try it. I am sure you will develop some respect for George Bush and Senator McCane.

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From a Black Voter: Obama Does Not Have the Character and Values to be President

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